• Ricotta Cream Cannoli $4.25 +12 $3.75

    Cannoli shells, hand rolled dough of flour, sugar, butter, cocoa, cinnamon and red wine. A chocolate coating adds crunch. Ricotta cream filling blends sugar, cream and spice. Decorated with pistachio, chocolate chips, toffee or cherries.
  • Mini Cannoli $2.50 +24 $2.00

    Our minis are regular sized cannoli filled and cut in half, and served in smaller trays to offer the perfect delicious bite for large parties!
  • Cannoli Kits 6pc kit $25.50 12pc kit $45

    Includes cannoli shells, garnish and cream, which comes in easy to use pastry bags. Just snip, fill and decorate.
  • Ice Cream Cannoli $4.25 +12 $3.75

    Using fresh ice cream right out of the machine, we fill chocolate coated shells and decorate the ends. The favorite is vanilla with brickle. Others are available.
  • Ice Creams

    We make ice cream in small batches and feature 8 flavors at a time. Among the best; Butter Brickle, Mint Chip, Strawberry, Pumpkin, Tiramisu and anything chocolate. Kiddie $3.50, Reg $4.50, Pint $7.50 Quart $11.00 1/2 Gal $17
  • Spumoni Ice Cream

    Special blend of fruits, nuts and liqueurs make this Italian ice cream our most popular. Served in scoops, cake wedges 1/2 gallon
  • Tiramisu Cakes Small $12 (serves 2) and Large $25 (serves 6)

    Homemade marscapone cream with rum between coffee soaked sponge cake layers, whipped cream topped with cocoa powder and lady fingers border.
  • Amaretti $9

    Almond cookies are gluten free! the best almond paste from Chicago makes these biscuits crunchy outside, chewy inside. Kept in the freezer they are always fresh, once thawed eat in a week. $9 1/2 pound.