• Ricotta Cream Cannoli

    Cannoli shells, hand rolled dough of flour, sugar, butter, cocoa, cinnamon and red wine. A chocolate coating adds crunch. Ricotta cream filling blends sugar, cream and spice. Decorated with pistachio, chocolate chips, toffee or cherries. $4 each / 12+$3.50 ea / 100+ $3.25 ea / 250+ $3ea
  • Mini Cannoli

    Our minis are regular sized cannoli filled and cut in half, and served in smaller trays to offer the perfect delicious bite for large parties! Ordered in pairs 1-22 $2.50 each -- 24+ $2ea
  • Cannoli Kits

    Kits are prepared for 6 or more cannoli at no extra charge. The ricotta cream comes in easy to use pastry bags that are refrigerator fresh for 12 days. The shells, garnish ard trays are kept in the pantry. When you are ready to make cannoli, just snip, fill and decorate.
  • Ice Cream Cannoli

    Using fresh ice cream right out of the machine, we fill chocolate coated shells and decorate the ends. The favorite is vanilla bean with almond brickle. Others are available, its best to call ahead for Ice Cream cannoli, as they sell out fast. $4ea 12+ $3.50ea, 50+ $3.25ea, 250+ $3ea
  • Ice Creams

    We make ice cream in small batches and feature 8 flavors at a time. Among the best; Butter Brickle, Mint Chip, Strawberry, Pumpkin, Tiramisu and anything chocolate. Kiddie scoop $3.75, Reg $4.50, Dbl $6.50, Pint $7.50 Quart $11.00 1/2 Gal $17
  • Spumoni Ice Cream

    Special blend of fruits, nuts and spice liqueurs make this Italian ice cream flavor our most popular. Served in scoops, cake wedges or buckets. $3.25ea, 12+ $2.75ea, 50+ $2.25ea, 100+ $2.00ea, 250+ $1.75ea
  • Tiramisu Cakes

    Homemade marscapone cream with rum between coffee soaked sponge cake layers, whipped cream topped with cocoa powder and lady fingers border. Small $12 (serves 2) and Large $25 (serves 5)
  • Amaretti

    Almond cookies are gluten free! the best almond paste from Chicago makes these biscuits crunchy outside, chewy inside. Kept in the freezer they are always fresh, once thawed eat in a week. $7 box of 8 cookies, about 1/2 pound.