Romolo & Angela Cappello opened Romolo's in 1968. With their three children, they made ice cream, cakes, and cannoli for local customers while providing spumoni wedges to restaurants in San Francisco like Caeser's, Allioto's and Scala in the Wharf.

After their children had grown up, Romolo and Angela's business became increasingly popular. Many Italian clubs in the Bay Area, as well as festivals, demanded the best cannoli and spumoni ice cream. Working together, they kept up with demand, while playing an important role in the Italian community.

40 years later, Romolo and Angela retired and trained their grandson Joe all their recipes for success and the tradition was passed on to the delight of all.

Cannoli making, like all good cooking, is both a science and an art. The dough has sensitive moisture and temperature states, and requires delicate and swift handling. The thickness and texture of cannoli shells is difficult to maintain and has to be just right, thus is the secret to an amazing cannoli.

Once the shells are fried on the rolls, they are extracted and allowed to rest at least 24 hours. Once rested, the shells will be fresh for a month if kept sealed at room temperature. Most shells will be chocolate coated for added crunchyness, and utilized to make ice cream cannoli.

Ricotta cream is made from super fresh cheese and blended with sweetened heavy cream to smooth the texture. Then spices and citron are mixed in for flavor. Once made, the cream is fresh for two weeks. Alternate flavored ricotta creams made on a seasonal basis unclude chocolate, pumpkin, pistachio and strawberry.

The heavy cream (16%) used to make ice cream is produced by Crystal Creamery and delivered weekly. Fresh ingredients like vanilla beans, fruits and nuts are processed into pastes and bases in-house then blended with the cream and premium extracts to enhance flavor. Ice creams will stay fresh two months in the freezer.

Cakes and cookies are made weekly but usually initiated by specail orders. Tiramisu, Cassatta (Cannoli Cake) and Ice Cream cakes are the most popular. Amaretti are the most requested cookie, a simple recipe of almond paste, egg whites, powdered sugar and Amaretto liquior. Other cookies like Venetian and Cucidati occasionally make their way out of the kitchen.